A private villa like a personal hideaway
nestled within a spectacular view

A relaxing space just for yourself, undisturbed by anyone else.
A private villa featuring a pool, hot tub, garden, kitchen, and more... everything is exclusively for you.
Located close to the Irabu Ohashi Bridge and facing a shoreline with a coral reef, this outstanding location is right in front of the ocean.

The sky and sea all for yourself

Open the door and see the blue of Irabu\'s sea all before you. Spacious, luxurious rooms up to a maximum area of 109+ square meters in size. The largest private pool of its kind on the Miyako Islands, our infinity pool will make you feel like you\'re in the ocean itself. Take a step out of the everyday and make this an opportunity to relax and unwind in a special space.


Garden BBQ

Our luxury barbecue spread offers carefully selected ingredients that you can savor in the best location. Make this a truly memorable time with a loved one.

BBQ details

Breathtaking beauty
The luxury of time flowing at a slower pace

Miyako Island & Irabu Island are a paradise of coral reefs where lovers of the ocean, tropical countries, and remote islands congregate. There are warm, soft breezes, tropical sunshine, a tranquility where you all you can hear is the sound of the waves, and time that seems to move more slowly, in tune with nature.
As soon as you set foot on the island, feel tranquility coming over you.

Enveloped in the Irabu Blue

Turquoise blue, marine blue, and cobalt blue... Witness the gradations of “Irabu Blue,” with the sky and sea as nature\'s canvas. The natural beauty will leave you spellbound.

This area offers a blissful moment where you can be surrounded by the sea, sky, and stars.

Resort life

Miraculous paradise

We are located just 2-3 hours by direct flight from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. With an extremely convenient location, we are just a 17-minute drive from Miyako Airport and a 9-minute drive from Shimojishima Airport.
Five islands of Miyako are each connected by bridges, so you can experience all during your trip.